Fee Structure & Process

Our Flat Fee Structure

Diamond Staffing Solutions maintains a unique flat fee structure. Typically, recruiting firms will charge a percentage of the candidate’s total first year’s compensation. Diamond Staffing Solutions never wants our clients (who pay us) to feel like we are negotiating on behalf of the candidate’s salary. We always want our clients to feel we are negotiating on behalf of the match. This is one more way Diamond Staffing Solutions differentiates themselves from its competitors. Fees are determined based on the position and the difficulty in filling them. Our jewelry partners agree they are very fair.

Retained Search

In the beginning of 2006, Diamond Staffing Solutions successfully launched our Executive Retained Search Firm policy. This decision was made because we worked on too many searches where we allocated time and resources only for the client to find the candidate on their own. 

We take our searches very seriously and put a tremendous amount of time and resources into potential candidates before they are presented to our prestigious client base. We are happy to report the retained search policy has been enormously successful for Diamond Staffing Solutions. Our fine jewelry partners understand as they see the high quality candidates we present to them. In fact, most of our clients keep us on permanent retainer for future searches.

We Are Not a Resume Service

When engaging with our clients we make it very clear that we are not, nor have we ever been, a resume service. What does this mean? You will NEVER-EVER receive 20 resumes for one position from us. We have a very arduous process for qualifying candidates before we send them to you. This includes:

  1. Compressive resumes: Unless it is an urgent search and we are working on a tight deadline, you will never receive a bad resume from us. We have a professional resume writer on staff who has written hundreds of resumes for us over the years. We as a company insist on it from all of our candidates. 
  2. Candidate Profiles: For each position Diamond Staffing Solutions is searching, we have our candidates complete a specially designed profile. These profiles are specific to a position that matches a candidate’s skill and the specific position we are helping you find a candidate for. These profiles assist Diamond Staffing Solutions in identifying inconsistencies in the information candidates are providing us.
  3. References: Diamond Staffing Solutions has extensive outreach within the jewelry community, which we utilize in helping us when researching our candidates. These trusted sources have helped save us tremendous time and heartache over the years.
  4. Background and Credit checks: As part of our process it is our practice to run background and credit checks on all of our candidates.

Please call Suzanne today 603-437-2629, she will be happy to discuss your individual search needs. 



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