Needs Assessment

A new hire is a big decision. In addition to reviewing past achievements, you must evaluate a candidate’s potential, determine the possibility of a promotion and predict how the candidate will fit within your company’s culture.

Diamond Staffing Solutions® encourages thoughtful preparation to ensure a swift search process and a long-lasting match. Please take a moment to review the process that our most successful clients find helpful.

First, evaluate the key areas where you need improvement and how these might translate into one or several new positions. Consider:

  • What skills does my team lack?
  • What areas of weakness do I want to improve?
  • Can one employee handle the scope of these additional responsibilities, or would two or three new hires serve the company better?

Second, evaluate whether now is the right time to hire. Consider:

  • Responsibilities

Can managers delegate more tasks and current employees reassign their responsibilities? Will that increase productivity or create chaos?

  • Revenue

Do you have strong sales forecasts and the available resources to support a new hire? What impact will this new hire have on your bottom line?

Third, determine when you should begin your search. As a general rule, for each ten years experience you desire in a candidate, add one month to the search process. Always begin with an initial one to three month period based upon the difficulty of the search. For example, a search for a sales executive with thirty years experience may take four to six months, however, a search for a bench jeweler with ten years experience may take only one month. Diamond Staffing Solutions® will work with you to set realistic timelines for searching and start dates.

Remember that clear communication creates swift, long-lasting matches. Diamond Staffing Solutions® works with clients to write comprehensive job descriptions, including:

  • Official Position Title
  • Specific Responsibilities
  • Required Education
  • Benefit Terms
  • Training Availability

Ultimately, it is important for Diamond Staffing Solutions® to know why a position is available, what previous employees have achieved in the past, and what the company hopes to achieve with a new hire.

The fine jewelry industry is an exciting, ever-evolving sphere of the luxury market. It is our pleasure to ensure that you embark on an efficient and successful hiring search. Your ideal employee is only one great search away.

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