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Without hearing your voice or seeing your enthusiasm, employers must judge your professionalism…just from a piece of paper. Employers sort through hundreds of applications. Guaranteed, they do not read every word you send them, but instead skim major titles and key accomplishments to see what makes you stand out. While a resume’s honesty is a non-negotiable, it is important to emphasize your greatest assets in a clear, concise and professional manner. View your resume as the first encounter with your ideal employer. The Professional Resume Writing Service of Diamond Staffing Solutions® offers the following key tips for what to include in an effective resume:

  • Accurate contact information (including phone and email) at the top of the first page
  • Bulleted “Key Strengths” section demonstrating specific key skills

This is especially important for helping employers evaluate potential responsibilities in skilled trade positions. For example, a Bench Jeweler might include “Antique Restoration” or “Rhodium Plating.”

  • One-sentence description of each previous employer, i.e. retailer, wholesaler or manufacturer
  • Numbers wherever possible, such as staff managed or personal annual sales
  • All education, including partial studies. Indicate level of completion, such as “Colored Stones Certificate” or “Diamond Grading Coursework.”
  • All industry affiliations and dates of organization memberships

Would you walk into an interview in jeans or a freshly pressed suit? A poor resume means a missed opportunity and missed salary dollars. Why take the risk? To arrange an appointment with our one of our professionals, call us today! Let us help you highlight your unique, professional story. We all want your first impression to count!

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